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We're not really Russian. Charlie Moscow's some stalky Polack in Pittsburgh, PA, USA trying to make funny things.
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Here it is, Devil Got Screwed! Check it out and send it to your friends!

The best VHS tape of 2013 is coming your way soon. Stay tuned!

Charlie Moscow presents “Devil Got Screwed”, a story for the ages.

Coming this June.

I’m still alive. Devil Got Screwed. April 20th. Watch the trailer then.

Tennis Tailgaters is here! Shot in the summer and ready for you to watch!

Charlie Moscow presents Devil Got Screwed. Coming Spring 2013. Enjoy this set photo from this weekend’s shoot. You’ll see the Devil soon…

NEW TRAILER: Tennis Tailgaters. Coming soon to

Charlie Moscow presents a re-edit of the San Diego timelapse video from last year, stay tuned!

Big news! Steel City Sights is being entered into the Three Rivers Film Festival!

Steel City Sights: A Pittsburgh Timelapse Project.

This is the longest timelapse video I’ve made and I feel that I’ve learned quite a bit about the art of timelapse since last year.